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Meet John:

John Oxley has been a plumber for 65 years and here is his story:

In approximately 1990 I passed a lot of bright red blood which I attributed to piles.
Roughly 6 years later I had another such haemorrhage and was sent to a specialist who diagnosed my problem, through x-rays, as colon cancer. The operation to remove the affected portion of my colon was a complete success but further tests showed that the cancer had spread to other organs,
and I was told what every cancer patient dreads: “You must have chemotherapy!". Fortunately we had an unusual culture of self-healing in our family, I knew that medicine wasn’t the only option,
and decided to do research and find a way to cure myself. But this didn’t seem to please my specialist who gave me a death sentence, declaring that without medical treatment I would not live for more than two years.

Due to what I learned, I got an alkaline chart and immediately gave up eating meat. I discovered people like Dr Max Gerson, Dr Otto Warburg, Mike Anderson, David Wolfe, Victoria Butenko, Ronnie & Min and Markus Rothkranz. With the help of sites like ‘Raw Food’ I started to grow my own Organic Vegies and before I knew it my energy levels had sky-rocketed and I began feeling very good. After the 2 years when I should have expired I was still alive and feeling better than I’d ever felt. I had another cancer test in 2012 and was found to be cancer free.

I am now 80 years old and wish to share what I have learned
to help other people to become disease free.

John Oxley